Be the Trench

In the agriculture industry, trenches have long been USED FOR IRRIGATION PURPOSES; DIRECTING WATER TO DRY AREAS.

God has called Trenches Community Church to take a demonstration of His unconditional love and power to dry and brittle souls who are searching for something or someone to satisfy their thirst. People have tried sex, drugs, gangs, money, marriage, divorce, education, fame, business, career, cars, clothes, houses, going to church, religions, having children, sports, violence, entertainment, achieving goals and dreams, relationships with the opposite sex or at times the same sex to quench their social, emotional or spiritual thirst in search of a “Thirst Quencher.” These inner most cravings are all like mirages or counterfeit wells. People are still thirsty and unsatisfied with life.

Trenches Community Church is where dehydrated souls can be satisfied by the Ultimate Thirst Quencher…our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He is the One who will satisfy our innermost craving, strengthen our lives and give us a sense of purpose and fulfillment. Trenches is the place where counterfeit wells or thirst quenchers are destroyed and lives are revived, rejuvenated, refreshed and restored back to life. Encounter the Ultimate Thirst Quencher and BECOME THE TRENCH.


Our mission is to, “Produce Followers of Jesus Christ.” A follower is one that practices or applies God’s word to their life daily. A follower sees Jesus Christ as their role model, they love like Him, talk like Him, walk like Him and are committed to helping others become followers. Followers believe and live a life that is pleasing to God and that’s in alignment with His word.