H2O Children’s Ministry (K-5 grade)

Trenches is looking forward to partnering with the family in the rearing of our children. Children are our most precious asset and are of high priority to us. It’s vitally important that we invest in them at a very young age so the Kingdom of God can continue to expand in the earth. H2O Children’s Ministry is designed to meet the needs of K-5 grade students and equip them to take the love of God to their family and friends. Children will learn the word of God in a fun environment through visual aids, puppetry, drama, video presentation, arts and crafts and hands on activities.

The safety of our children is very important. Our check-in and check out system guarantees their protection in a youth friendly environment. All of our workers are trained, receive background checks and are qualified to serve our children. If you are looking for a ministry that will meet the needs of your child, H2O is the place to be. Join us as we train children to be carries of Living Water.


christian and leah