c2c Discipleship Development


C2C is a process to help you grow as a disciple of Jesus Christ. This is in no way saying if you are not part of this process to grow as a disciple that you are not growing. It is saying you might be missing out on being part of an opportunity to develop meaningful relationships with your brothers and sisters and partner with “a team” to do transformational ministry in the community our church has been assigned to by God. God didn’t create us to be stagnant, isolated or suffocate as believers. He created us to flow, breathe, move, and enjoy the benefits of giving of our time, talent and treasure to accomplish a common goal and impact the lives of others.

If you decide to grow with us, the process will not work if you don’t work the process. There are six different stages that will help you assess where you are as a member or regular attendee of Trenches. Each stage is designed to equip and encourage you to grow to the next. You will also realize as you progress from one stage to the other, the level of commitment, accountability and responsibility increases. This is what disciples are all about. They give their lives for the sake of fulfilling God’s will.

Our primary focus for c2c is to make disciples who do God’s will “together,” are highly involved in helping others grow in the faith, take ownership of “their church,” and are competent and confident in the ministry they serve in. As a result, we see a people who are vibrant, thriving, and leaving a Christ centered legacy.

It would be a beautiful thing to see you and others move from community to crowd, crowd to congregation, congregation to committed, committed to core, and core to being commissioned to help lead Trenches, start a church or open a business or non-profit organization for the glory of our God and Savior Jesus Christ. Come and join us.


James and Machelle Harris


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