Leader: Thalmus Allen –

The Leader’s Responsibility: Engage the church with the community.

The Community Stage consists of individuals who have not acknowledged Christ as their Lord and Savior or believers who do not have a church home to fellowship or worship at in order to help them grow in their faith. All of these individuals are considered “potential” disciples who Trenches would be committed to assist in their development in Christ, becoming more effective followers of Christ, and leading them into a relationship with Christ.

Opportunities for believers to share their faith:

  • 1 Initiative – Relational evangelism is imperative to leading someone to Christ. As a body of believers we have been commissioned to go, preach the gospel, and make disciples. God has given each of us a stage of influence to let our light shine whether it’s at home, work, school, church or the relationship we have developed with a neighbor, cashier or waitress. Our goal as a church is for each person throughout the year to intentionally share the love of Christ with one individual, with the hope of leading them into a personal relationship with our Lord and Savior.

Opportunities for us to reach out as a collective body of believers are listed below:

  • Sunday service
  • Lift Up Through Literacy (partnership with Kalamazoo Public Schools)
  • New Level Sports Ministry
  • Jesus Loves Kalamazoo
  • Kalamazoo Central High School
  • Men Reaching Men Street Ministry
  • Northeastern Elementary School
    • Head Start Pantry
    • Mentoring
    • Back to School Extravaganza
    • Thanksgiving Food Basket Giveaway
    • Toy Drive Giveaway
    • End of The Year Carnival
    • Afterschool Programming

 Training to reach out to the community: Training sessions are available for you to engage and care for others with the possibility of leading them to Christ. Please view training dates online or listen closely to announcements throughout the year.