Leader: Marcus Mays –

Responsibility of leader: Connect the congregation into the life of the church.

The Crowd Stage consist of individuals who attend Trenches as guest, regular attendees on Sunday mornings or are participating in TCC “Life on Life Small Groups”, but have yet to partner with Trenches and become members. Some churches call these individuals “seekers.” They are in search of the local assembly God has called them to commit to and serve in. While they are participating in TCC ministries or activities, we want them to have an encounter with God and experience His love through us.

Opportunities for those in the Crowd stage to CONNECT:

  • Meet the pastor after service or during New Members class. (You can approach him. He’s friendly).
  • Be receptive to our hospitality. We really do care.
  • Life on Life Small Groups [view “Get Connected” Tab on the website].
  • Sunday Service [we gather together to encourage, love, care, and pray for one another].
  • Community Outreach Activities [view Community stage in this booklet or go on the website for updates].
  • New Members Class [every Sunday morning at 10a and Tuesday evening at 6:00p].
  • Thirst Quenchers Café [every Sunday on the lower level].
  • Ministry Involvement [view the many serving opportunities listed in the Congregation stage of this booklet].