Naomi’s Village 2019


Naomi’s Village opened its doors in 2011 and is now home to 82 Kenyan orphans. The ministry includes a top notch school, Cornerstone Preparatory Academy, which serves155 students and the recently added LEAP Preschool.Located in Maai Mahiu Kenya, Naomi’s Village mission is to “glorify God in serving Kenyan children by providing spiritual, physical and emotional healing, that they may impact their world.”

The relationship between Trenches Community Church and Naomi’s Village began in 2017. After a year of extensive fundraising, a team of 12 individuals traveled to Africa to experience the amazing redemptive work that God is doing there. We developed friendships with the children and staff, staying onsite in the guest house for 10 days. We played, worshiped, danced, loved, cried, and laughed, as well as having the opportunity to experience the culture through serving alongside the children and volunteering with many local ministry partners. Most members of our team committed to sponsoring children from the village and/or school.

A 2nd team from Trenches will be returning to the Naomi’s Village in February 2019, to build on the relationships that were formed. We are currently fundraising toward the cost of our travel expenses and welcome prayers and financial support. If you would like more information about this ministry, please visit If you would like specifics about our team or the activities we will be involved in while we are there, please contact Jill Stephayn at 269-491-6053.