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Church Done Differently

The church is not necessarily an address, it’s wherever God’s people are. The church is mobile. The definition of go in Matthew 28:19 refers to the idea of “As you’re going along in your life.” It means to disciple as you are already going. Go where? Answer: everywhere. 

In this season, our going might be as important as coming to a physical building. Being away from 1003 Gayle Avenue might be a greater opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to our God, church, and community. Let’s make it a point to thrive in this season, and when we gather again we can encourage one another.

With that said, based upon the Governor’s executive order and counsel from our elders, I have decided to postpone our assembling at 1003 Gayle Ave until Easter Sunday, April 12.This decision was made for the safety and health of our congregation and community, during this COVID-19 outbreak. This is another way we love people deeply, to care about their wellbeing. Not gathering physically will give us a greater opportunity to be the church and make disciples wherever we are, starting at home. 

This is not an easy choice, but a necessary one. I really enjoy seeing you on Sundays. We must take into consideration the wisdom of the authorities and experts during this troubling time and submit to their recommendations in order to increase the safety of our families and decrease the spreading of the virus. Romans 13:4 says, “For he (authorities) are God’s servants to do us good.” Most of all, we must highly consider what God is saying through the authorities, leadership, and other godly counsel. Proverbs 11:14 states, “Where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counselors there is safety.” 

Based upon what the authorities are saying and what God is saying through the authorities, church leadership, and godly counsel, listed below is how I want to lead our church through these challenging times. The practice of the things are imperative to our overall health and continued strength of our church.

  • Seek God. Be intentional in seeking God. While you are away from the gathering on Sunday make sure you are spending consistent time with God. The temptation will be to lean into the news and other forms of media and be distracted from what the Lord says. Martha was worried and disturbed by many things and these inward emotions distracted her from sitting at Jesus’ feet and hearing His word (Luke 10:38-42). Jairus was close to Jesus when he received bad news. Jesus said “Do not be afraid, only believe.” (Mark 5:36). These words kept him hopeful. Both faith and fear come by hearing. Fear can come from focusing on something or someone that opposes the truth. Faith comes by focusing on the truth of what God says. Intentionally lean into the truth.
  • Submit to the safety guidelines from the authorities. Stay informed on what the CDC (Center for Disease Control), our Governor (Gretchen Whitmer), and local news are reporting. God can give wisdom to and through those He has appointed to serve us.
  • Stay Connected. Even though we are not physically meeting, communication will be vital. We are going to do our very best to communicate well and we would love for you to do the same. Dialog is critical.
      • Our Sunday services will be streamed on Trenches FB page starting with prayer at 10:15am, followed by worship and a message from the Word. The online service will last about an hour.
      • We will continue our weekly prayer conference call. Join in by dialing 712-770-4879, access code 704983#.
      • Our weekly newsletter will continue to be disseminated on Fridays. If you do not receive a newsletter please send your email address to
      • If you have questions or are in need of anything, contact Marcus Mays at . Mr. Mays will be gathering all questions and requests and bringing them to leadership to address. We will be checking in more regularly to make sure everyone is in good health physically, mentally and emotionally.
      • Visit our Trenches FB page often for updates and other information.
  • Share Resources. Let’s continue to support our church financially and be sensitive to helping our neighbors and friends in any way possible. This is a great opportunity to let our light shine brightly in the communities we live in and the platforms God has given us. Use social media to encourage and not discourage people.
        • You can also use Text to Give. Text the amount you would like to give to (269) 763-5131. You will receive a link to complete your gift online.
  • Spread the Good News. Seek out ways to share the love of Christ and lead others to Him. People are looking for hope, direction, and a Savior. 


Love you dearly, 

Pastor James Harris



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