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The Brook Nursery Ministry

The Brook is designed for infants age 6 months through preschool age 4. The Brook is divided into two classrooms. The infant room is for infants aged 6 months to age 2. Our preschool room is geared towards children age 2 through age 4. The infant room focuses on creating a loving, secure environment for parents to leave their children while they enjoy service. We also have a sleeping/nursing area for parents and infants. Our second classroom is for preschoolers. Our preschool classroom entails a lesson, a time for praise and worship and a video or movie that supports our lesson as well as craft. Parents will receive a take home sheet that tells them what we learned that day and contact information for staff if there are questions.

H2O Children's Ministry

Elementary programs are designed for school children in Kindergarten through 5th Grade. Children may be divided up into groups of K-2 and 3-5 for small group instruction and application.

Defined Teen Ministry

Defined is designed for youth ages 11-17. After our initial group lesson, students will be divided into small groups with Middle school ages sub-grouping with each other, and High school ages sub-grouping with each other for small group discussions about the lesson.

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